This is Jinx's character


Brazilian Imperial Topaz, BIT for short, is a tall gem, standing around 9'0 feet tall. He's got a wide, muscular build. His arms are rather long and strong. His legs are much the same. He wears dark blue jeans, and a pale white flannel shirt. He has a beard and handlebar mustache. And His hair is combed back.


BIT has a friendly, nice attitude. He's very polite and kind to those he knows. He's more standoffish with people he hasn't met before. He's very loving and kind with his sweetheart, Moissanite. BIT has a dad personality. He often cracks dad jokes, much to the dismay of Danburite and Color Change Sapphire. But, he's very very protective over his family. If you've hurt them, he'll come after you, and it won't be pretty.